GCDM Portal Phase III

Register for Group Creditor Portal

Getting started

Once you’ve filed your claim with the creditor, you’ll have received a letter from Canada Life that contains your unique passkey. You’ll need the key to complete your registration.

Lost the letter with your passkey? You can call 1-800-380-4572.

You’ll need a cell phone with a U.S. or Canada number so you can receive text messages from us as part of your registration process.

If you don’t have a cell phone, you may follow up on the progress of your claim by calling 1-800-380-4572.

Helpful information regarding the claims process

If you’ve received your passkey letter, we’re currently setting up your claims to be easily tracked on the portal. If you haven’t received your passkey letter after submitting your claim, you can call 1- 800-380- 4572 to follow up and request to resend the letter.

Your case will be assigned to a case manager who will review your documents. They may reach out to you, your bank or your doctor for more information.

You’ll be notified of the status of your claim by mail in 2-5 business days after it’s reflected in the portal. This letter will provide you with more information on your approval status.